Sunday, December 23, 2012


The photo and caption in the Newport News Times definitely helped bring some folks to the winter version of Newport's Farmers Market -- "The Lincoln County Fairgrounds Farmers Market." There is no disputing the fact that being able to continue to offer locally grown, baked, crafted, roasted, prepared  products throughout our inclement winter months is a very good thing, indeed.

Thank you, Rick Beasley of the News Times for covering our market!

Think about this: When you go into any store and buy something that was made in another country or even in another part of our own country, you don't get to "touch" the purpose of that item as you would if you get to have a conversation with the person you're buying from. Someone purchased a pot from me yesterday and I was able to tell them the story behind that particular piece. Even some coffee mugs hold a story you'd never get to know about if you didn't ask the person (MOIS) who made it. Oh sure, I'll still buy my car's oil filters from George McGrath at the NAPA store in Toledo, but keep in mind that whenever possible, you should bring a piece of art into your daily routine.

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