Friday, October 4, 2013


So one day I was working at the For Artsake Gallery and this person walks in whom I will refer to as, "The Hippie Chick." She is definitely giving off the vibe of being very healthy, very peace-filled and very close to all things good and close to the earth. She asks me if I ever make steamers. She said she doesn't own a microwave and she uses her steamer to heat up her leftovers and it's really fast and they taste really good when steamed. She described the bottom part of the steamer as, "It's sorta like a bunt cake pan with a cone in the center that has a hole in it and you just set it on top of a saucepan with some water in it, put the food around that cone and then cover it with its lid."

When I got home, I walked directly into the studio and threw what I believed she was describing. And Oh! My! GAWD, Magnum!!! Was she ever right. We have cooked in our steamer dozens of times as well as used it to re-heat leftovers. I put raw crab in that pot, set the timer for 15 minutes from the time I turn on the burner to begin heating and that crab is done by the time the buzzer goes off. Not to mention the fact that the juice created by the steaming collects in the trough and it's not diluted in water. The shrimp and crab juice goes into our fish stocks or you can just drink it straight from the pot. DELICIOUS!

I was able to fit two crabs in this smaller prototype version. I am making them a little bigger now. The pot doesn't sit directly on the burner, mind you. That last photo is sort of misleading. Don't do that with the burner on. Bad idea. Not good. Actually, I guess you could try it to see what happens and then just order another one from me.