Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Now at Mossy Creek Pottery

Last month, I called my friend Dan Wheeler, a potter who owns and runs Mossy Creek Pottery with his wife Susan, about selling my pots at his gallery. I was thrilled to get a call back and have a two hour phone call, reconnecting with my old friend. I sent him a few pictures and he said he'd love to sell my pots. So I got a load of platters, serving bowls, soup bowls, snack bowls, tea bowls, mugs, and small pitchers glazed and fired and took them up there.

If you haven't been to Mossy Creek, it's right off of Highway 101, south of Lincoln City, on the Siletz River. The gallery is in an old farmhouse and the surrounding gardens are beautiful and peaceful. Besides Susan's glass work, there's nothing but Oregon made pottery here so I love coming up and seeing what potters are making these days. Not to mention, Dan and Susan are hilarious and a riot to talk to. It's worth the trip just to chat with them!

It's really cool to see my work in the company of peers.  A dozen different styles of throwing, firing and glazing are represented in the gallery my pots definitely have their own unique style. Here's a sampling of what I took up there:

When I got home, though, I had a problem. I'm out of pots! With summer around the corner, I need to have inventory for fairs and festivals, the galleries, and to start a shop on Etsy for people outside of Oregon. So back to the wheel I went. This time, I made teapots, bud vases, salt bowls, mugs, and more snack bowls. My sweetie and I experimented with new glazing combinations and are thrilled with a few including these:

I'm currently selling teapots faster than I'm making them but hope to catch up soon. I'm really happy with how they're turning out and they look great with a couple of tea bowls, a bud vase and a snack bowl. I'm thinking about selling them as a set. Here's a sample:

And here's a teapot set I sold last month:

In other news, three new artists are joining the co-op I belong to -- For Artsake Gallery in Nye Beach, Newport, OR -- so if you're in the area, come by Friday night, June 7, we're having a party and I'll be playing guitar!

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  1. I love that red and blue teapot! I love the green one, too! You're still delivering to SJI next month, aren't you?!